How to mail merge student test results into feedback sheets

So this is my first blog post – well if making a video counts as blogging it is…

At BBA we are having much success with getting students to focus on revising the right things by giving them detailed feedback on where they got marks in previous tests.

We are doing this in maths by giving them a list which tells them how many of the available marks they got for each topic in their mock exams. Each topic has also got a suggested video clip to watch to revise it.

I have made a video explaining how to use mail merging to do this (as the time required to produce these sheets without this would be very inefficient) so hopefully this will be of interest/use to other teachers.

The students really like these sheets. Comments from them include “Miss, I really like this. Can you do this for every test we ever have please?” and “This is really good. Before you did this I would just revise the topics I was already good at but now I’m actually going to use this to make sure I do the ones I need to do.”

At a first glance you might think this would only work in subjects like maths but English have produced great ones too – I’m sure one of my peers will blog about this soon!